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dBhim is a dynamic 3D action game with an isometric view. The game takes place in the war zone, Bhim distinguishes himself in battle several times throughout the war, and he encounters Vikarna; 

Bhim grieved Vikarna's death praising his noble deeds; The outcome of Bhim in battle changed each time;  where armored tanks and robots, and hundreds of mutants attack human colonies. In the game, you drive a special tank equipped with the latest technologies

Bhima's Chariot bore the image of a gigantic lion in silver with its eyes made of lap lazuli and his chariot was yoked to horses as black as bears or black antelopes. We maximize the user reach with captivating and interactive VR/AR that helps transform the gaming experience of users, bringing them to a high-graphic imaginary world or a real-world augmented environment seamlessly.

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We create  hyper-casual games, multi-player RPGs, and VR games, games for mobile, PC, and online platforms, utilizing cutting-edge development technologies in the right way to deliver you the most vibrant-looking games


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Breath of Hell is an ancient and forbidden breath style due to how deadly it is and how much it can twist the minds of others from its devilish ability's. 

Breath in Hell

Role-playing game

Go with Dirk on his adventure and help the helpless princess in this funny yet amazing interactive adventure

Dragons Lair


Enemy has units wise, compared to user, user at a disadvantage, but key objectives taken swing the tide of battle.

dWager Tactic


About us

Calsoft is dedicated to playing a part in creating an integrated secondary market built on true ownership of digital assets to bring players, developers, and content creators closer together. Mythical Games have been integral in the development of franchises

A Perfect Gaming Experience

As a player-focused company, we hope to create game experiences that are meaningful to players, and also hope to help improve the world they live in by serving and investing in the communities we’re a part of.

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Team up to forge your path and craft unforgettable experiences for players. 

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